ITB Fitness is a health and wellness organization providing fitness services throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina.  Our professional, educated, and friendly team are dedicated to giving you the highest quality workout possible.  We stand out as a fitness team because we believe your workout environment should be motivating, time  efficient, inspiring, and MOST  importantly nonjudgemental.  

With the help of our certified personal trainers, coupled with the use of classic techniques as well as the most progressive fitness concepts, you are  guaranteed to see results. We tailor all of your workouts to best suit your body and your fitness goals.  ITB Fitness strives to  establish client relationships based on inspiration, motivation, teamwork, and community awareness of health. 

As well as being certified personal trainers, all of our team members are trained in CPR and first aid.

So whatever you are looking for in a health and fitness regimen, we will help you find it.  Even in our group fitness classes we make sure that everyone receives individual attention, instruction, and motivation.  You may choose to train one on one or in a group fitness environment.  For an extra push, you may even choose to combine both.  

Call us at 919.302.0339 or contact us by clicking on the link below.  We’d be honored to help you reach your health and fitness goals.


Welcome to ITB fitness